• On Safari...Trying to install "Cookie". Action icon spins forever but doesn't install, even though it claims to be installed. Had to force quit after 20 minutes of nothing happening. Can I reinstall ? If so, how?[/size][/font]

  • what do you see in:

    could you post any Cookie related entries in this thread.

    Do you have a lot of cookies?
    open up the Privacy tab within Safari's preferences.

  • Where do I find "applications/utilities"?

    I ad 140+ cookies which I deleted.

    Sorry for the delay. I'm not familiar with this site.

  • ok, so the cookies aren't the problem then.

    if you open up your "Applications" folder
    in there will be a "Utilities" folder
    then inside there there is an application called "Console"

    once you have Console open, if you do a search for "Cookie",
    and just copy&paste what you find here that would be great.

    (you can also use spotlight to find Console - just run a search for "Console")

    ++also, what operating system are you using. 10.6.8, 10.7.5, or 10.8.2?
    you can find out by clicking "About this Mac" in the Apple menu at the top left of your screen. your operating system version will be shown right under the Apple icon.

  • There are 67 folders/items listed whne I search for "cookie" They won't copy. So, I'll try to copy only the Cookie folder/icon and paste here: (My OSX is version 10.8.2)
    That's all that will copy/paste here.

    Where the wizard got stuck was immediately after the page "Cookie Setup Wizard" which said, "You will only need to do this once.When diner, Cookie will require minimal intervention,to help keep you computer free from UnWanted Data. "

    ,,,in the Quick Reply section above, near the end of the first line, spell check changed "done" to "diner". Change it back to make sense of it.

    The Cookie Icon now suddenly appeared in my dashboard at the bottom of my screen. Does that mean I have it and it's working? How do I determine that (not that I disbelieve you 🐵

  • thats good,
    If the Icon is sitting down on your Dock, that means its running.
    You should be able to click on it to open Cookie, to view its settings, and all your cookies.