• I downloaded the new Cookies 5 from the SweetP website, upgrading from 4.6 on a 2016 MacBook Pro with High Sierra and Safari 11.

    Unlike 4.6, Cookies 5 doesn't seem to be "seeing" any of the cookies, in the Cookie Window there are never any Cookies listed irrelevant of what website I visit.

    When looking at the website data through the Safari Preferences the cookies are listed, along with cache and local storage data.

    In the Cookies window the local data storage does show up and seems to be working normally.

    On browser quit all the cookies are deleted, so Cookie 5 is deleting the cookies, it's just that I can't add manage what gets deleted and what is whitelisted.

    I just to make sure the scripts where installed and they are.  I don't have Block All Cookies checked off.

    Like I said with 4.6 it was still working fine even on High Serria, but 5.0 is not working for cookie management at all.

    I have Cookie 5.6.3 currently installed.

    Thank you