Cookies that select themselves as favorites

  • I have a recurring issue with cookies from I want these cookies deleted whenever Cookie 5 removes unwanted data, but they persist, and when I take a look in Cookie 5 I see the check box ticked to show they are favorited. I uncheck it and ask Cookie to do its thing and they go. Next visit to the Globe & Mail site and they are back and checked as favorites again.

    I suspect this isn't an issue with Cookie, but simply a sign that cookies can be evil! Is there a way of making this site's cookies remain unchecked?

  • that could be a corrupted favorites file.
    you could try this:

    • quit all your browsers
    • remove all unwanted data in Cookie
    • quit Cookie
    • delete this file:
      ~/Library/Containers/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5/Data/Library/Application Support/Cookie5/Favorites.plist
    • restart Cookie
    • reselect your favorites (it should be easy, as it should be all cookies which are showing)

    let me know if that helps.

  • Done. I'll see if it works and will report back.


  • So far, so good. The G&M cookies delete as expected and have not, as yet, ticked themselves as favorites.

  • I had to pay some attention to Cookie today to get it to work with Safari in 10.14 - it had no issues with Firefox or Vivaldi but couldn't see any cookies in Safari at all until I updated the Security and Privacy pref pane. That inspired me to bring up again the cookies that self-select as favorites. They came straight back after the post above, so the fix didn't last long. I've noticed that cookies from any site that track, say, the number of articles you read and then deny further access without subscription all have this ability to show up ticked as favorites. I'll try deleting the Favorites.plist again, and if you have any further thoughts I'll be happy to hear them.

  • Poking around the Advanced prefs - could it be that having 'Synchronize with Browser Bookmarks' checked is over-riding my choice in the Removal pane, and just because I have a bookmark to a site it is being kept as a Favorite?

    I just experimented and I think that has done it! I can go to sites such as and the cookies that arrive show as unticked now.

  • yes,
    that is exactly it.

    when you sync with browser bookmarks - manually selecting favourites is not possible....
    and you would see the behaviour you're describing.

    also, just to ket you know, there is a bug with Safari removals on Mojave.
    I have it fixed now, and will release asap