Cookies 5 doesn’t delete cookies

  • I use Cookies with Opera in Mac OS 10.12.6

    The settings are that Cookies shall delete all non favourotes when the browser is closed, when Cookies is closed and when the Mac starts.
    Wenn I close Opera nothing happens: all the cookies are where they were. When I close Cookies and reopen the program I see: nothing has happened, all the cookies are where they were. When I reboot the Mac I see: Cookies has deleted some cookies, but a lot of them are where they were before.

    Or shorter: Cookies 5 does nearly nothing. Is this a bug or a feature?

  • That’s strange,
    Are you sure your settings for removal are active in Opera?

    If you click the Opera icon and then look on the removal tab to make sure your removal settings are active there.

    Another thing to look out for is that Cookie may be globally disabled. If you have cookie in the menu bar it will have an outline of the icon rather than the solid icon. You can click the menu and select “Enable Automatic Removals”