Can not favorite a flash cookie

  • I'm using 5.5.8 on OS X 10.11.6, Chrome 61.0.3163.100.  I use the advanced UI mode, and I can not favorite any Flash cookie - if I click the checkbox it immediately unselects.  As a result when I exit Chrome all flash cookies are cleared, including ones I want to keep.

  • this sounds like a corrupt favourites file.
    try this:

    • Disable any automatic removals in Cookie
    • Quit Cookie
    • delete this file `~/Library/Containers/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5/Data/Library/Application Support/Cookie5/favorites.plist'
    • logout/login of your computer (or restart)
    • restart Cookie, reselect your favorites and removal settings

  • Hi Russel, I tried that last night and I'm getting the same behavior. After performing the steps I re-favorited all the cookies and DBs that I wanted, and I still get the odd click/unclick when trying to favorite a flash cookie in Chrome.


  • Hmm that’s odd,
    I’ll try and recreate this tonight

  • is there a particular site this happens with?
    I can't recreate the problem