WiFi Spoof freaking out w/o default wifi network

  • Hi. Here's the scenario I'm testing with the trial version of WiFi Spoof (

    A MBP with macOS 10.12.6 powers up on a home (and a known) network and WiFi Spoof loads, spoofs a new MAC and life proceeds normally. Seamless... just as it should be. Really liking the app, btw. 🙂

    Take the same MBP with macOS 10.12.6 and have it walk into a bar.

    Wi-fi functionality is enabled by default and (again) WiFi Spoof set to auto-load and spoof a new MAC.

    Yet... without a known network, macOS starts enumerating all the available SSIDs one could join. And WiFi Spoof seems to freak out at all these possible new networks and 30+ notifications pile up rapidly in short order as it keeps spoofing new MAC addr seemingly in response to all the possibilities.

    Worse, one can't manage to set the desired network and stabilize the situation for a WiFi Spoof app that has clearly drunk too much.

    Exiting WiFi allows one to join the network and then reloading WiFi Spoof will flip the MAC, but that's hardly seamless any longer (thankfully, the helper app doesn't require an admin password with every MAC spoof!). Love the helper app, btw.

    I'm not exactly much of a joiner outside home and work. Auto-joining some foreign network isn't something cautious users -- the kind that frequently use WiFi Spoof for privacy enhancement-- wish to do with all possible linksys, public comcast (and other common networks out there).

    Is there a way to calm WiFi Spoof down a bit, pick a MAC to spoof, and stick with it until a unknown wifi network can be selected and ordinary life can resume?


  • That’s a scenario I haven’t tested!
    I’ll have a play around tonight tomorrow and try and find a solution for this.

  • how about using a global rule
    any Network specific rules you create will take precedence.

  • Hmmmm... So basically it becomes a manual situation again. By that, I mean an even easier solution is to just not load the app automatically. 😕  Or not randomize on load until one hits the Randomize button. And one hopes users will not forget to do this manual process.

    While using the app for essentially privacy reasons, could the app just assign a single spoofed MAC and then pause until the stack is stably connected to a new, unknown SSID? Or is this not really feasible at present?

  • < a gentle nudge on this >

  • Ok, I give up. A rule making for a full manual approach it is. But one doesn't need the app for that as a simple script will do fine.

    The scenario is, I think, quite commonplace, so I don't understand how it was never envisioned or tested.