Don't understand the Cookie favourite concept or it's not working

  • Hello,

    first I want to say I'm very disappointed that there is no (not even the simplest kind) documentation or a help system for/in Cookie or on the website (or it really must be very hard to find).

    I'm confused now about the whole favourite concept. So far my understanding of this concept was:
    All cookies of all sites that are not marked as favourites will be deleted on browser exit (in my case: Safari).
    But it doesn't works as I expected.
    So I have some web sites in my Safari favourite bar from which I want the cookies to be deleted on browser exit. I went to the cookie "Websites" tab and removed the favourite checkmark (in the heart column) from that site.
    After a browser restart that site is automatically again checkmarked as favourite and its cookies are NOT deleted on next browser exit.
    So any idea what I may be doing wrong?

  • ok,
    so you need to UNCHECK "Mit Browser-Favoriten synchronisieren"
    as that is making all your Browser bookmarks favorites (overriding any manual favorites you have checked/unchecked)

  • Thank you for the quick answer! This explains why that manually unchecked page was automatically checked again on every system reboot (not on every browser start as I mentioned above)...