Opera and Safari - Sierra - Cookies does nothing

  • It seems that Cookies 5 doesn’t delete any cookie. It doesn’t matter if I set it to delete the cookies when the browser is closed or at login and whatever: the cookies sit there and nothing happens. This was much better with the previous version, because it worked. Does Cookies 5 work in Sierra? (Even if I press »Delete all non-favorites« there happens nothing.)

    I should mention that I just installed Sierra from scratch. Cookies is one of the first programs I installed after this.

  • Are you using the version from the Mac App Store or my store?
    Are automatic removals enabled?
    (Look in the menu, or on the Removal tab)
    If from my store, has the trial expired?
    If from the Mac App Store, have you installed the extra scripts:

  • I use the version from the AppStore. I installed the scripts. No difference. May be it works now with Safari, with Opera it doesn’t. Even if I click on »Remove non-favorites« nothing happens. The cookies sit there as before. That’s a really amazing piece of software. It does really nothing. But it looks nice...

  • Which version of opera are you using?