Non Favorites Cookies remains after clicking for their deletion

  • Hi,

    **Context : **
     - Safari 10.1.2
     - Cookie 5.5.7
     - I have a group of favorite cookies and the others

    Problem :
     - When I click on delete the non favorites cookies, the others remains (!). At the same time, no tabs are open on Safari except the blank page.
     - I have the problem for whatever previous version fo Safari/Cookie
     - So yeah, my problem is a CORE function of Cookie which is super annoying
    Here is a video (.MOV)

    PS :
     - Since I have Cookies I spent my time getting updates but nothing works 100%
     - If there is a problem with Safari because of Apple regulation, then it is better to remove this function

    Cheers & Thank you for the help

  • I think i know the problem,

    • open up Preferences
    • go to the Advanced tab
    • CHECK: Enable sub-domain favoriting
    • go through and uncheck all favorites in Cookie's main window
    • go back to the Advanced tab in Preferences, and UNCHECK: Enable sub-domain favoriting

    then try removing the cookie again.
    can you let me know if that works.

  • Hi,

    "Enable sub-domain favoriting" was already ON

    So I kept doing your procedure without success

    Only the one by one deletion work

    Remark : I can delete the tracking cookies (not sure 100% that all of them are deleted but the number goes down)

  • Up

    Plus :

    When I delete them one by one through the same window, the cookies remain in Safari
    When I delete them all through bar the icon, the cookies remain in Safari

  • alright i wont buy this software anymore

    i ll write a review on the app store

  • Are you running an expired trial version?