Safari (Not Clearing All Cookies)

  • Hello,

    I have Cookie 5 installed from the App Store, I have added the script as required.

    Although Cookie 5 shows that it's removed all cookies etc, I noticed that when I quit Safari (I have Cookie 5 to clear on quit), that eBay was still showing as logged in.

    So although Cookie 5 showed it's cleared the Cookies (I can watch them automatically disappear when I quit Safari), some Cookies still remain when I check in Safari (see attached image).


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  • Cache cookies, and localStorage wont display as being removed (in Safari's Preferences) until you restart Safari. Safari doesn't update its internal store until it is restarted. Actually pretty much all browsers have this same behaviour.

  • Dear Russell, apologies for my delayed reply.

    I've investigated this further, Cookie 5 does not appear to clear all cookies even on a browser restart.

    I have Cookie 5 set to clear all data on Safari quit, which it appears to do when watching Cookie delete all of the data when I quit Safari.

    However, if I login to let's say eBay, then quit Safari and reopen then go back to eBay, I am still logged in so Cookie 5 has not cleared all data as requested?

    As stated before in my first post when I quit Safari which should clear all data (and via the Cookie panel it appears it does), when I start Safari and goto the privacy tab there are still cookies there that Cookie 5 do not show.

    Could you investigate this behaviour please and report back?

    Many thanks,


  • What settings are you using?
    Are you able to post a screenshot of your removal tabs in Cookie