Safari keeps logging me out of Google Mail et al.

  • Hi all,

    I suspect the following has to do with Cookie (5.5.7), so if you concur, I'd be happy for some advice.

    It seems to me that when using Safari on macOS 10.12, Cookie keeps deleting those cookies used for maintaining logged-in status on the Gmail web interface and other Google web services. However, the same issue does not occur on Firefox, for example.

    Are there any particular Google cookies or subdomains I should mark as favourites or whitelisted in order to avoid this behaviour?

    Many thanks and best regards,

  • You need to Whitelist the google "NID" cookie.
    First of all

    • disable the Cookie timer.
    • log into Google.
    • click the triangle next to the Google domain name.
    • Then look for the RED NID cookie.
    • Right click on the NID cookie to show the contextual menu.
    • Click "Add to Whitelist"

    This should retain your google login

  • Thanks, Russell, that seems to have worked!

  • perfect!

  • Hey!

    I experienced similar problems with my Google accounts - German (Maps) and English (Mail).

    To whitelist the NID did not work for me.
    I tried a lot of different combinations and finally it did work for me best and with minimal whitelisting as you can see on my attached screenshot (blue=whitelisted).

    Hope this helps!



    macOS high sierra