• I am looking for a Mac OS X app to replace MacDaddy & changes the MacID address which mysteriously stopped working.

    So I am trial running WifiSpoof because it is expensive and it is possible OS X has been changed.

    But the "Change Address" button is gray, even after installing the "tool" with my password. I attached a screen shot in case there is anything ambiguous about my question.
    What am I doing wrong?

  • the change address button should only be active when the address is valid, and different to the current address.

    ...I fired up High Sierra for the first time today, and noticed some issues on a non-licensed app - ill fix these over the next few days. you may also be affected by this.

  • I'm having the same issue.
    I hit the 'randomise' button and see the address change, my wifi drops and reconnects, but the 'change address button stays greyed out.

    Using version 3.3. 2012 MacBook Air running high sierra

  • The change address button is only active if you manually change the address in the WiFiSpoof window.
    Once you hit randomise you don’t need to change anything.