• Hello, new user of Cookie and it's fantastic. I would like to suggest an option. When Cookie is going to delete cookies (e.g. upon browser quit, cookie quit, or at specified time) it'd be nice to have another checkbox to allow the user to review all cookies slated for deletion to select them to keep. I think this would be part of the initial wek or two of using Cookie where the user adds cookies that he or she uses frequency. Hope that makes sense...

    This could be really obtrusive so each of the types of cookie deletion times needs its own "Allow me to review cookies prior to deletion" option.


  • I like craigminah's idea and I also think it would be useful to have an option to require a password for deletion of favorite cookies. I just spent considerable time making sure certain financial websites behave correctly and if I accidentally hit "remove all tracking cookies" I get to start all over again.

  • a quick fix is to "Reset all Warnings" on the preferences tab....

    this will now force Cookie to (re)display a warning before you remove any data.

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