• I downloaded the demo version and then spent time marking my favorites as part of the one time initilization. Then when I opened the cookie app none of the cookies were marked as favorites. Also does the app remove all tracking apps during the initilization process since when I opened the cookie app no cookies were marked as tracking. Given the number of cookies that have names starting with ad I'm wondering if things are working properly.

    I'm running 10.6.8

    Thanks for any info. I'm thinking about buying cookie but so far it's not looking wonderful.

  • Same here. First, the "Smart Import" did nothing. Then I spent a lot of time marking favorites. The app deleted ALL the cookies, included the marked ones. I exited Safari for it to perhaps re-read boot records, but nothing changed. I then checked Preferences/Privacy, and discovered over 500 cookies still remaining. Either I am doing something wrong, or it is REALLY surprising that this app gets the positive reviews it does.

  • sorry for the long delay, I should be getting notifications for new threads....
    Im not sure what happened with your favourites.

    http cookies are a little flakey on Snow Leopard (Apples fault, not mine).
    I'm sorry about your cookies, I havnt heard any problems from any other Snow Leopard users though, so I'm not sure if this is a widespread issue.

    As for the Privacy pane in Safari, this also lists cache cookies, and databases. Cookie does rmove cache cookies, if you configure it too. but it doesn't itemise them. Databases are listed on Cookie Databases tab.

    Also, if you remove cookies from within Cookie, whilst Safari is running. There is no way for Cookie to tell Safari to update its internal references. This means that, even while the cookies have been removed permanently from disk, Safari "thinks" they are still there. this can cause render issues on some sites. (youtube i think)

    this behaviour is apparent only for cache cookies/databases, and history. normal http cookies are updated accordingly in Safari.