Cookie v. 5.2.4 – Feedback + why "No Delete On Tab Close"?

  • Hi,

    Whilst (unsuccessfully) searching for a Safari version of Self-Destructing Cookies, I fell over Cookie, so downloaded it to give it a try.  I will not be buying it, but thought you'd like some Feedback.

    macOS Sierra 10.12.4, on an iMac Retina 5K, i7, Radeon R9
    Safari v.10.1 (12603.

    Show Cookie in Menubar  [x] and Hide Dock icon

    – No menubar icon is shown, no matter what other options are un/checked, Safari restarts, etc.
    Apart from that, it all seems to work.

    However, Cookie seems to be essentially a GUI front end to the manual deletion of cookies oneself via Safari > Prefs > Privacy > Manage Website Data.
    It does automate the process somewhat via the "Delete on exit" etc. options but honestly, who ever closes their browser?  Mine is always open with something or other in it.  And I often have > 1 window open.

    Far, far more useful would be an option to delete cookies, history, etc. when a tab is closed – which, of course, is what Self-Destructing Cookies does.  Implement that option, and I would buy Cookie in a heartbeat, despite its exorbitant price.

    Just my 10 cents worth.

  • Safari doesn't send any notifications (as far as I am aware) of tab closures. I guess I could add a Safari Extension, but I don't have similar functionality available for other browsers....
    ...I guess it could be a Safari only feature.... maybe in an update

    as for the MenuBar, make sure that you don't have the option checked:
    Preferences>Advanced>Run Cookie in the Background

    This hides Cookie from the MenuBar

  • Hi, thanks for the response.

    No, I don't have "Run Cookie in the Background" checked.  I did read the Forum wrt the problem before posting, and saw that you make that point.

    Re Safari not sending any notifications on tab closure, I had a very quick look on the weeb and fell over this page:

    It contains some events which might be helpful, eg:

    • Safari Activate Event: Instances of the SafariActivateEvent class are used to notify listeners when a tab or window is activated.

    + SafariCloseEvent:  Instances of the SafariCloseEvent class are used to notify listeners when a tab or window is closed.

    Clearly, going that route would metamorphose Cookie into an extension rather than a helper app... but would that be a Bad Thing

    Wish I could help, but am a Linux coder, Apple and its pretty-much-closed source aren't somewhere I wish to go, my life's too short 😞

    C'mon, let me encourage you to go for it!