Keep Cookie Open?

  • I am trying out V5.  My old version quite working recently.  The old version had the cookie icon in the menu bar and was working in the background.  This version seems to require that the cookie window be open and minimized. In other words it won't work in the background.  Is there some way to get it to work in the background, so I can close the cookie window, rather than minimize it?

  • It should work the way you are wanting. Removals work on a background thread so can take some time to complete. V4 should still be working on upto Sierra too.

  • With V5 running the menu bar displays the icon of the little person, and the green cookie icon is in the dock.  If I remove the green icon from the dock then V5 closes.  That is not how the old version worked.  I never saw a dock icon.  Just the menu bar cookie icon.  And it was working.  I'd like to not have V5 with the dock icon.

  • all you need to do is open Preferences, go to the "Display" tab and check "and Hide Dock Icon"

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