Cookie Doesn't Seem to Find All Cookies

    1. There appear to be cookies still in Safari that Cookie doesn't recognize. For example, after removing all tracking cookies using Cookie, Safari | Preferences | Privacy shows cookies from,,, plus a few others. A bunch of google cookies are there. For sure the ones I listed are tracking cookies. How do I get Cookie to recognize and delete them?
    2. The Cookie Databases tab have a bunch that are Type= Chrome Extension. Why won't Cookie delete them?

    1. Safari tends to hold references to some items in RAM. (cache cookies, databases/localStorage, and History). Cookie does in fact remove them from disk, but Safari still thinks they are there.

    you can test this your self by restarting Safari.
    There is currently no way I know of forcing Safari, to update its internal references.

    1. Those are Extension databases e.g.... (AdBlock, DoNotTrackMe, ClickToPlugin, etc...)
      if you really want to delete them, you need to disable the option "Always Treat Browser Extensions as Favorites" on the Preferences Tab.