Enable sub-domain Favoriting, Manage Cookie types separately. Please explain

  • Long time Cookie subscriber but new to v5. Hung on to Mavericks for probably too long. 5's a whole 'nuther animal and I like it.

    While making myself familiar with the many tweaking additions Russell has added to Preferences, on the General tab I couldn't help but notice the choices of Enable sub-domain Favoriting and Manage Cookie types separately. My first reaction was: OK fine. What advantage or disadvantage is there in their selection? I don't do facebook or twitter and help on the app is pretty much not a condition, which is why I'm here.

    What do they mean, what do they do?


  • "Manage Cookie types separately" will give you a layout more like Cookie4 with databases/cookies/flash/silverlight. By default Cookie 5 has the option unchecked, and all types grouped together.

    "Enable Sub domain favoriting" allows you to favorite individual cookies rather than entire domains like in Cookie4