Cookie 5 upload earlier cookies marked as favourites, but are not favourites

  • When I use Safari, I suddenly see a lot of cookies in the Cookie 5 window from sites I have not been working on. Strangely it is nearly the same sites over and over. It is like Cookie 5 do not forget the sites I have been working on. I have looked at the setup of Cookie 5 and it seems to have screen, where I can choose the favourites I would like have all the time. It also stated, that it have loaded a number of cookies from an earlier favourites file. I dont have any favourites at all. How do I reset Cookie 5 and delete the earlier favourites file, so I start clean every time I start a browser session?


  • you an delete the favorites file from here:
    ~/Library/Containers/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5/Data/Library/Application Support/Cookie5/Favorites.plist

    do you have iCloud and continuity enabled? Safari may be regenerating cookies from your other devices