Remove iCloud Safari History?

  • It seems like the History clearing performed by Cookie in Safari does not really work if iCloud for Safari is enabled.

    If we manually clear the Safari History by doing:

    1. History -> Show All History
    2. Select all items and Delete them.
      Then the iCloud History is fully cleared even between relaunches.

    Can that be automated by Cookie as part of its History cleaning?

    macOS 10.11.6
    Safari 10.0.1
    Cookie 5.2.1 MAS

  • Im not sure how to tell iCloud to finalise the history removal. If I discover a way ill definitely implement it.

  • Cool.

  • Ah right. I think that's my problem too and other people are posting about it here on the forums. Cookie doesn't clear any of my Safari cookies on quit, I sync my Safari data across my Apple devices.

    So does that mean we can call Cookie useless for people that use Safari?

  • Any news about this problem? I only use Safari, so I kinda have the feeling that I've been paying a license for a tool that does not really purge what it said it would...

    Of course, I could disable Safari iCloud syncing, however I've also got an iPad & an iPhone, and I find it quite handy to synchronise bookmarks & so on...

  • Currently the only to achieve this, is to disable HandOff.

  • Well, I tried that, I disabled handoff during 5 days, and used Safari normally on both Mac, iPhone & iPad... However the history still kept coming back...

    What is more, handoff can be handy from time to time, and I like to use it.

    A real fix is needed.