Cookie 5 doesn't show in menu or dock

  • I installed the trial version of Cookie 5 to try it out and, so far, have really liked it. I'm trying to change a setting, however, and don't know how to do it. Cookie 5 is not showing in the osx menu bar, in the dock, and I can't find any place where I could change a preference for the program. Am I missing something?


  • I also just ran into the very same situation, I must have selected an option I shouldn't have. So now, when I try and launch the app manually it gives me a window and I cannot make any preference changes, the window I am provided is titled "Cookie" and has a list of browsers

  • Ok,

    all you need to do is this:

    • Open Cookie
    • use the key command ⌘ , (Command key + comma key) this will open the Preferences
    • open the Advanced tab
    • UNCHECK "Run Cookie in the Background"

    sorry for the late reply, I dont seem to get notifications for new posts. 😞

  • Thank you !! it works !

  • Thanks for the help! Works great!

  • UNCHECK "Run Cookie in the Background"

    Menu icon only appears when Cookies app is open - is this how it's supposed to work? Icon does appear in dock.

    [OSX 10.12.2, Cookies 5.2.1]

  • If you hide the dock icon, this will keep Cookie out the way.

  • Hide Dock Icon” toggle works, but “Show Cookie in MenuBar” did not work until the** third time** that Cookie setup was run.  No idea why.  Clear cache on exit is also broken.  Closed and relaunched Safari, went back to Preferences | Privacy | Manage website data — the cache items are still there.  Not Apple default items either, but cache entries from previous browsing, including your own web site.

    Seeing similar complaints about broken features on the app store.  This software is beta quality and I think it should be free until the advertised features actually work.  Thank god it’s only a trial… would be pissed if I paid for this.  Even so, you wasted my time, expecting customers to serve as beta testers.  I will beta test for you but not without a free software license.  Maybe you should go back to open source if you cannot maintain this app yourself.  15 bucks is a lot of money for a buggy little POS like this.

    Cookies 5.2.1 (oem version)
    Safari 10.0.3
    OSX 10.11.6

  • Im not getting reports of broken features?
    when i do I try to fix them asap.
    I prioritise emails i get through the link in the menu; over Mac App Store or MacUpdate comments/reviews (I dont check all that often in either of these places).

    as for the cache items, Safari sometimes preloads some sites in the background on launch. Top Sites can be an example of this. Are you sure this is not whats happening?
    or perhaps even HandOff/iCloud are regenerating data.

    If you are using the trial, then you should have the scripts correctly installed. The MAS version requires a separate download to comply with Apple policies.