• I recently installed Camino browser, and restarted Cookies and added Camino along with Firefox and Safari. I visit for example bbc.co.uk in Safari and firefox, eachtime Cookie app shows they have dumped cookies and tracking cookies on my Mac. I then quit Safari and Firefox and hey presto cookies are cleared. Fine! Now when I start Camino, there is no report in Cookie of anything being dumped on me from that website, however if I go into Preferences and look at what cookies are in Camino I see them, and can clear them. But! Cookie itself does not show anything, I travel around the web and not one report of anything in Cookie, but in the Camino preferences I see hundreds of these damned things. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Any ideas as to why Camino is not showing anything in Cookie?

  • so sorry about the delayed response.

    Camino locks its Cookies database, so Cookie isn't actually able to read it till after Camino quits. (which is too late, if you have Cookie configured to clear on browser quit - effectively removing all Camino's cookies....)

    what you need to do, is Disable Cookie, and navigate around a little in Camino, then close Camino. Cookie will now have access to Camino's cookies, which you can then select favourites.

    Alternatively, you can set Global favourites which Cookie will respect and save for Camino.