General comment plus half a question

  • I just upgraded from Snow Leopard to Sierra because safari was becoming unusable.  I don't remember so many cookies being set in the old system as seems to be the case now.

    At first I thought that Cookie was not clearing my cache as it is set to do.  But after some testing it looks like visiting a site results in the appearance of 10+ cookies from third parties.  For example, if I clear the cookies and then visit I get cookies from all sorts of companies, some of which I recognise (e.g. Talktalk) and many others I have never heard of.

    Question:  I thought that Safari blocked third party cookies.  So what is going on?

  • Do you have Safari set to "Allow from current website only" on the "Privacy" Preferences tab?
    also try installing something like the Ghostery extension to block some more tracking cookies.

  • Thanks for pointing that out. Previously that setting was "third party".

    At least "third party" is unambiguous and self-explanatory. "Allow from current website only" is obscure and ambiguous. If I open my preferences, I could be on any web site, so the language just does not make sense. The computer world seems to get dumber by the day since the masses got involved.

    I guess the language had to change incase the masses might get confused and think that a third party is the one you attend after the second party on a Saturday night.

    BTW, since upgrading form Snow Leopard to Sierra I find that the spell checker on web sites has turned into a spelling CORRECTOR which changes my typos into completely different words. I am so grateful.

  • Anyway, I think I am good to go and ready to pay my 15 bucks for the license.

    Thanks for your help.