Not right, looks different

  • Hi, I just installed the trial version of Cookie after upgrading from SL to Sierra.  I am assuming the trial it time limited but that it has full functionality.

    My trouble is that even after a restart Cookie lacks functionality.  I have attached screenshot of the main cookie interface taken from this website plus a screenshot of my installation.  Why do I not see the details of the cookies with the checkbox to add them to the favourites?


  • I just figured it out. I guess SL to Sierra it too big a jump to process in a few days and I did not recognize the colour of the bin and the atom as indicating alternative selection options. I would have expected a an outline box indicating the presence of a button.

    Progress? Perhaps, but definitely looks slicker.

  • woah, thats a huge jump from Snow leopard to Sierra!

    Cookie5 should still be familiar but it actually has a lot more customisation options than Cookie4. Ive tried to simplify Cookie's interface... while adding more complexity... hopefully its not too cluttered and confusing.

    let me know if you run into more issues.