Newbie question- my favorites seem ineffective

  • searched for "favorites", but didn't find a relevant subject, so here goes.
    I just want my bank to stop forcing me to enter a text code because they don't recognize my computer.  I know this is because Cookie is deleting their info.  I have gone to Cookie 4.5.8/Safari/ and checked the favorites (heart) box next to chase, and this is still happening.  Have also checked the heart in the flash cookies window.  No other chase instances show up.  Why is Chase not recognizing me every time I log in?  I have the same problem with other banks.

  • What you need to do is expand your bank cookie(s),
    and look for any red colored "tracking" cookies.
    right-click and add these to the whitelist.

    Cookie should now retain your login information.
    (make sure you have the timer disabled when whitelisting any cookies)

  • Thanks for your response; I followed your instructions and will see if the bank recognizes me next time. I thought having the checkmark under the heart for the entire bank would have done that already, but I see there is nothing on my whitelist until now.