Installation of 5.1.2 fails (UPDATE: now mysteriously self installed)

  • Hi

    I get the following message when I try to update from 5.0.11

    "Update Erro" An error occurred while running the updater. Please try again later."

    Tried on a number of occasions with Safari both open and closed and immediately after a reboot

    On a previous occasion you sent me a link and a registration code to manually update (I originally downloaded Cookie5 from the app store but since the last problem with updating I'm still running with a registration code rather than the app store version. If I try to re-download from the app store I am asked to pay)

    Hope you can help


    Safari 10; Mac OS Sierra

  • After resetting permissions (in advanced settings) and done another reboot, Cookie5 now reports it is at version 5.1.2 despite having not allowed me to complete the update procedure (I got stuck at the "update error" each time).

    Is there any logic in what happened there Russell?



  • 5.1.3 installed no problem at all. A pop up appeared on screen prompting me to update and 10 secs later the update was completed !!

  • Cookie 5 now reporting as being back at 5.0.11 (updated the MAC OS in between times) and getting the update error when prompted to update to 5.1.3

    5 minutes later ...

    I've got rid of the version with the registration code and have successfully replaced it by downloading the App using the link in  'purchased apps' in the Mac App Store (fingers crossed for ongoing stability  :-/). It has installed at version 5.1.3

  • Woah,
    Sounds like you've had some major issues. So it's all working now on the Mac App Store version 5.1.3?

    Sorry I just saw this thread just now.

  • Thanks for getting back to me Russell

    All good since last posting  🙂

  • I have had these problems, too, currently with the 5.6.3 update (regular version, not Mac App Store), and it also happened with the update before. (Still on El Capitan 10.11.6 with all security updates.)

    The updater volume is mounted at /Volumes/<ID>, and I can manually ditto to /Applications easily, then eject the volume, but the updater itself (Sparkle?) always prints that error.

    Question: at which temporary location are the downloaded DMGs stored? In the sweetpproduction directory in ~/Library/Caches? (I have removed that directory, to be safe, because there were a couple of Updater .app bundles in there.)

  • to be honest,
    Im not sure where Sparkle stores the DMG...
    Cookie is running the zorgiepoo Sandboxed fork of Sparkle: