Safari 10 cache items remain after automatic removal-Cookei 5.1.2 MAS

  • Hey,
    We have Cookie set to remove the Safari cache and other items On Browser Quit.
    But upon quitting (and waiting a while) and relaunching Safari and looking in the Manage Website Data pane we often see cache items.

    Ironically, I don't think this was happening prior to the 5.1.2 MAS update.


    MacOS 10.11.6
    Safari 10.0
    Cookie 5.1.2 (MAS)

  • I have similar issue. The automatic cookie removal does not remove all cookies in safari. I often have left over websites like Facebook, etc. The only way to complete remove those is to quit and restart browser.

  • I am still seeing incomplete Safari cache item cleaning even after the update to 5.2.1 (MAS) on El Capitan.

  • did you install the extra script?
    ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5/

    can you give me an example of a "sticky" cache cookie, and ill see if i can recreate this issue.
    also, Safari does regenerate cookies on launch particularly from Top Sites.

  • did you install the extra script?
    ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.sweetpproductions.Cookie5/

    I haven't installed any Scripts since the first run of the app directed me to the add-on scripts...

    I have installed the updated scripts and cache item clearing seems to be more reliable!  🙂

    I think we need a way to alert us when the Scripts need to be up updated. :s

  • I'm having this issue too. It appears Cookie's automatic removal is totally inoperable. I have installed the scripts.

    Automatic removal doesn't work on a timer, nor on browser quit. It doesn't remove a single cookie.

    BTW... you have an error in the location path of the scripts in your post.

    MacOS 10.12.1
    Safari 10.0.1
    Cookie MAS 5.2.1