MAS Cookie 5.1.1 crashing - in both El Capitan and Sierra

  • Cookie 5 has been working splendidly until I upgraded (through the Mac App Store) to 5.1.1 a few days ago.  I was running El Capitan at the time.  Thinking things would be better under Sierra I waited until I upgraded to Sierra, which I did today.  Same problem - different display of error but it opens with an error and then gives the option of continuing or crashing.  In either case, it crashes and fails to open.

    Tried deleting app then reinstalling it from App Store purchased item list.  Same result.

    Any suggestions?



  • Hi jerrywm,

    can you try deleting this folder, and rechecking your favs/prefs to see if it helps.
    (you could export your favorites first, then re-import)


  • I am not sure how to export favs.  Cookie crashes on opening.  I see the folder you are referencing but don't see a file explicitly named favs.  Any suggestions?

  • ok,
    if you can't even open Cookie, you can manually save favs like so:

    the favs file is here:
    ~/Library/Containers/ Support/Cookie5/Favorites.plist

    copy this file to your desktop,
    remove this folder:

    start Cookie,
    run through the setup, ignore the favourites
    quit Cookie
    place the favorites.plist file you copied earlier back into the same location (replacing any file already with the same name):
    ~/Library/Containers/ Support/Cookie5/

    then restart Cookie,
    you should have all your cookie favs restored.

    let me know how you go,
    (sorry Im not getting notifications on new posts here for some reason...)

  • I followed those steps.  When I opened Cookie I got the same "Internal Error" message but this time when I clicked "continue" I could proceed.  I continued the reinstallation, returned favorites to the indicated folder, and the program seems to be functioning with my favorites in place.

    Of course, I am concerned that it is running in "an inconsistent state."  Cookie did seem to remove the non-favorites so that's good.  But, what now?  Any tests I can run, logs to send to help with this.

    Btw, this update has some really nice features.  It is very good to have Cookie running again; I realized when it wasn't functioning how much I depend on it.

    Thanks for the help


  • If it happens agin, can you click "Show Details", I think that will bring up a crash report. if you could email the crash report to me: [email protected] that would be great.

  • I have quit and reopened Cookie several times during the past few days and there has been no recurrence of the problem. However, if the problem arises again I will certainly try to capture and send the diagnostic info.

    Thank you again for your help.

  • v5.1.2 should fix the crashing, make sure you're up to date.

  • Up to date. No more problems. Thanks!

  • Up to date.  No more problems.  Thanks!