• I use Cookie 5.0.12 with mainly Safari 9.1.2 on OS X (10.11.6). I use the Safari feature that pinning a page keeps it up to date when I went back to it. I use the feature on many sites to remain logged in. These features worked for a long time. Now few sites remember me and I have to log in after a short while or after closing the browser or after restarting. It sounds like something on my Mac is deleting the cookie that is needed. The only think that I can think of that would delete these files is Cookie.

    Without any instructions, I am not sure what to do for these sites in Cookie to make sure that it is not deleting the necessary files. I thought that I did the right think by simply clicking in the favorite check box for these sites but maybe that is not enough.

    Any suggestions? Please step-by-step guide would be very much appreciated.

  • Ok,
    What you need to do is this:

    • Disable the Timer in Cookie (if it is running)
      -----repeat the following steps for all troublesome sites-----
    • Visit the site and login
    • Open Cookie, find the site in the "Websites" or "Cookies" tab
    • Expand the site by clicking the triangle next to the site name
    • Look for any red colored cookies
    • If running in "sub domain mode check the red cookie as a favorite.
    • OR ELSE
    • Highlight then Right click on any of the red tracking cookies
    • Select "Add to Whitelist"
    • ----After doing this for all troublesome domains---
    • Re-enable the timer. (If it was running)

    Your login data should now be retained the next time Cookie deletes data.


  • That seems to work. Thank you very much!

    What do you mean 'timer in Cookie?'

    I second the motion to develop a set of instructions or user guide for this application. It is sophisticated and not always obvious. I want to make sure that I use it properly and get the most out of it.

    Thanks again for your help and a great app!