• Hi!

    Originally I have been using the Safari Extension for handling cookies, and everything worked fine. Now, with the latest version of Cookies from the AppStore, I have the impression that cookies just are not deleted any more. Turned out, this impression was wrong, but not completely. I am using Safari 9.1 and OS 10.11.4.

    I am seeing that Cookies is not deleting all cookies or other data. I see a diference between cookie removal via Safari Preferences and Cookies, that I can not explain. I have added a series of screenshots, that show that the number of cookies seen by Safari Prefs and Cookies differ considerably, then Cookies removes different data, but a lot still remains.

    Finally, the last screenshot shows that Cookies sees only one cookie, whereas Safari still sees plenty. I can delete them all within Safari, they will return over time, and are not removed by Cookies.

    One example would be globo.com, its cookies are not removed vie Cookies, but via Safari Prefs. Their tracking cookie that counts your reads does only go away with Safari Prefs.

    Can you help me out?

    Thank you!

  • it looks as though those are "cache" and "localStorage" cookies.
    Cookie does remove them if configured to do so, but you need to restart Safari, for Safari to accurately reflect this. Safari stores references to these somewhere, and I haven't found a way to force Safari to rescan.

    the same thing happens with Safari History.

  • So, there are cookies that I can not remove on the fly, using Cookies, I need to restart. I can only remove them within Safari preferences. Of course this is a pity... But, the "old" cookies preference pane had a similar restriction, if I remember well.

    OK, thank you. Just wanted to be really sure that I did not do anything wrong.