[fixed] Cookie (beta) opens cookie window on launch despite setting

  • Played with this a little. Installed, diabled and re-enable setting to make sure pref is set, but on each restart, cookie window is showing on desktop. if screensharing is helpful to debug this, let me know.

    tried 4-5 restarts with cookie still on desktop when restarting as well as cookie closed when restarting.

  • oh and another issue: when cookie window AND settings window are open, ⌘W closes both. This is highly uncommon and imo bad UX. could you make it, so that only the window in focus is closed?

  • do you have Cookie set to open at login in System Preferences?
    that does cause a conflict with the window opening

  • in system preferences > user cookie does not show up. so it seems nothing is set there.

    and another problem: should I be recieving mail notifications for replies in this thread? No mails seem to be arriving.

  • Ok,

    I've noticed that to with notifications... If I get them they come ~30mins later....
    I'll take s look around the forum and see if I can change any settings.
    I'll revert the login code tonight, and take a look at my window closing.

  • ...<3...

  • on login "start cookie" (yes) and "hide" (yes) and yet on each launch the cookie window sits on the desktop.

    this is a known problem with old versions but I had not seen it in the few recent stable releases. it has now returned with (beta).

    Exactly the same  here since 3 betas ...

    same with Version right now

    (No cookie open at start up in user pref pane)

  • Ive just uploaded v5.0.10.8 and reverted the login code. I also fixed the window closing behaviour.

  • Ive just uploaded v5.0.10.8 and reverted the login code. I also fixed the window closing behaviour.

    Probleme solved with this Version.

  • Confirming as well, that with cookie no longer shows after startup.

    Thanks for adjusting the window closing behavior. So much more expected. And thanks for your quick response in this case.

  • great!

    the window behaviour was an easy fix, it was old code from Cookie4 which I can't remember why i made it function that way.... probably a compatibility issue with Snow Leopard...

    thanks for all the feedback everyone.

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