• I've recently noticed that my login cookies are no longer working.  I save them as favorites and click the "Remember Me" button on my favorite websites. But I still need to manually login when I visit a website after I reboot my Mac.

  • Try whitelisting any problematic cookies. You do this by expanding the sites which are giving you triple in cookie. Highlight any red cookies. Right click. Select add too whitelist.

  • Russell, why would I highlight red cookies? Aren't they tracking cookies? Those are the cookies that are trashed when I click "Remove all tracking cookies."

    One service for which I want to retain my login cookies is "Our Groceries", an iOS shopping list app. It also allows list management via its website. The two cookies it sets are not red in Cookie.

  • sometimes Cookie gets it wrong and labels a cookie as a tracking cookie, when you actually want to keep it. So you can whitelist these when you find you have any login issues.

    perhaps the app is storing data in a different location?
    You could try to keep Cookie's window open and see if you notice any new cookies being set after logging in.

  • Still dealing with the favorite cookie problem and something happened today that may be a clue about what's happening. . .

    I checked my 5 favorited website cookies and there were 0 cookies saved. So I unchecked all of them and deleted the five domains. Suddenly 25 different website cookie sets appeared in the Cookie Safari window. However, Safari listed only one saved domain (I mainly use Safari).
    I made a screenshot of the Cookie window with the 25 domain cookies.

  • ok,

    your favorites file may be corrupted.
    you can delete it, and re-select your favs.
    this is what you need to do:

    1. disable any Timers
    2. quit Cookie
    3. delete this file:
      ~/Library/Application Support/Cookie/Favorites.plist
    4. restart Cookie
    5. re-select your favorites
    6. re-enble any Timers

    can you let me know if that helps