Privatus needs access to path to continue...

  • I've been using Privatus for a few months now with no issues. Yesterday, I started getting a popup window when exiting Safari stating that -Privatus needs access to path to continue. Never happened before. So, I checked for an update just in case. Updated to 4.0 restarted and I'm still getting the same issue. I have to manually click allow or cancel for each path in order to continue.

    Any thoughts?

  • hmm,

    thats annoying.
    what you can do is this to reset Privatus. (you'll need to reconfigure it)

    Quit Privatus
    Delete the folders:
    ~/Library/Group Containers/
    Empty the trash
    Restart your computer.

  • Tried your suggestions but still had the same issue. Ended up re-installing and everything seems to be working fine again. Thanks.

  • Glad to hear you got it sorted.