Cookie invisible and no more timer option.

  • The latest version seems to have hidden cookie completely. It is no longer visible in the task bar or dock. So I am unable to stop the timer for some websites. I know that it is working because I haver to re log into sites again and again because the cookies are deleted. I am trying to keep the numbers of cookies active very low and so do not add cookies as favourites unless absolutely necessary. Hence this is where the timer comes in.

    I can get the cookie window up with my task manager, but there is no way to stop the timer from the menu bar, or within the cookie window. It also does not allow me to see what version I am using. So I can see any active cookies and any favourites but am unable to stop them being deleted, which is a real pain when you need them temporarily for a purchase and they are constantly deleted.

  • sorry for the delayed reply,
    you need to open Preferences:
    you can do this by bringing up the main Cookie window.
    use this key combination COMMAND+ , to show the Preferences

    then go to the Advanced tab:
    uncheck "Run cookie in the Background"

  • Thanks for that. The Command , worked and I was able to get the cookie icon back into the menu bar. I did not have the Run cookie in Background checked but everything had been set to hide on the display menu. I have it running only in the menu bar now. Many thanks once again.