• Hi,
    I've just downloaded the trial version (3.0.6), but I'm not able to import cookies from Firefox. How can I do that?
    I tried navigating to the firefox profile dir, but I can't select the sqlite cookie db.
    I'm on Mountain Lion with Firefox 16beta.
    Cookie automatically imported Chrome's cookies instead.

  • Hi Carlo,

    Firefox cookies can sometimes take a little time to display in Cookie because of the way it handles its cookie file. You don't need to import anything, as long as Firefox is "Enabled" It should be displayed as a browser above Chrome.

  • Well, I've waited all day long, restarted Firefox and Cookie, but still, I don't see any cookies imported from Ffox, which is enabled btw.
    Anything I can do?

  • Can I stick my head in here too?
    Cookie 3.0.x does not seem to be automatically managing Firefox cookies when quitting the browser.
    This is with FF 14, 15, 16 and Cookie 3.0.x on Snow Leopard.