Cookie doesn't see any Firefox cookies

  • @SweetP I've sent the Tresorit link to your e-mail.

  • In Firefox, try changing the Privacy & Security > Content Blocking setting to strict and restart Cookie. does that help?

  • @SweetP Still no new cookies showing up in Cookie. Nor after a restart. And just for fun, I've had to use Safari to add this as Firefox refuses to let me log in here ("Login Unsuccessful
    We were unable to log you in, likely due to an expired session. Please try again")

    Later: cleared the cache, now it works and I can log in.

  • Well I'm giving up for now, and moving to Vivaldi, which seems to work just fine with Cookie 5!

  • Trying again after a break. I have deleted all cookies from Firefox, and then refreshed it again from the troubleshooting page. Now Cookie 5 shows no cookies at all in the Firefox pane, after visiting several sites. It's as if Cookie just can't read Firefox's cookies.

  • So whilst Cookie was being agnostic about Firefox having any cookies at all, I decided to remove, once again, ~/Library/Containers/com.sweetproductions.Cookie5, having first exported favorites. This time after redoing the setup Firefox had lots of cookies, and some of them non-favorites! This was hopeful, so I browsed a few sites, and unwanted data started showing up in the Cookie menu, and cleared after selecting Remove Firefox Unwanted Data - hurray!

    I'm very relieved. I set up various other browsers in the last 24 hours but none would suit as well as Firefox.

    So for anyone else with the same problem, clear all Firefox cookies, refresh Firefox, trash Cookie 5's pref folder and set it up again. It might work....

  • The plot thickens. After a short while, things started going wrong in Firefox again. First thing was no suggestions from my History showing up when starting to type in the address bar, and next the complete inability to delete bookmarks. I wiped out Firefox entirely and installed it afresh. I created a brand new Firefox Sync account and imported bookmarks from a backup made of the entire SSD a couple of weeks ago. Then I started getting the problem with suggestions from History and I can't delete, or export bookmarks. Old, long deleted bookmarks show up that do not exist in my Firefox Sync account. I assume my places.sqlite file is corrupted. The question now is whether Cookie 5 interacts with this file at all? As far as I know, it stores history and bookmarks, but not cookies.
    This is looking like a Firefox problem rather than a Cookie 5 problem if there is no modification of places.sqlite by Cookie 5. If you can confirm this to be the case I'll take this to mozilla.

  • Cookie does modify the places.sqlite file. I’m not sure exactly when, as I’m away from my computer right now. But I do know that removing data whilst Firefox is open can potentially cause corruption. This may be the problem you’re seeing.

  • Thanks, Russell. You have the patience of a saint. I'll set Cookie 5 to only delete on browser quit and see if that ends the problem. I do believe that file is being corrupted, as I have just replaced places.sqlite, places.sqlite-shm and places.sqlite-wal from a TimeMachine backup from 24 hours ago when all was well, and it has returned normal function to address bar suggestions, bookmark deletion and export, and Cookie 5 shows Firefox cookies accumulating as expected.

  • Cookie 5 doesn't work at all for me with Firefox 68.0.2 on El Capitan (10.11.6). Firefox shows cookies in Privacy & Security >> Cookies and Site Data >> Manage Data but Cookie 5 only shows extensions. I have Cookie 5 set to delete on browser quit and have tried the things listed in this thread. The option to keep cookies in Firefox "Till they Expire" is not present in this version (or I can't find it). Is there anything else I can try?