Update to 5.0.8 leaves old Cookie in menu bar

  • I just updated to Cookie 5.0.8 on my laptop via the App Store. I ended up with 2 Cookies showing in the menu bar, the new one and the old one. I cannot delete the old Cookie app because Mac OS complains that the app is still open. I can't quit it because all the menu options are grayed out. I thought about stopping the process but can't see an obvious process name in Terminal. Deleting the new Cookie and restarting the laptop does not help. How can I close the Cookie app so I can delete it?

    Based on this experience, I deleted the old Cookie on my iMac before updating and everything is fine there.

  • another user reported an issue just like this not long ago, and resolved it by
    removing Cookie from the list of login items in System Preferences
    restarting the computer.

    let me know if this helps.

  • I have the same problem. Login items isn't it, because it doesn't appear there. Perhaps it's somewhere hidden from the System Preferences? @sunjunkie: Did you solve the problem?

  • if you open up Activity Monitor in your Applications/Utilities/ folder you should be able to force quit by searching for cookie.