No Update in Mac App Store

  • I purchased Cookie 5 from the Mac App Store. I'm currently running v5.0.6. When I access Cookie through the Purchased section of the MAS I can see version 5.0.7 is available but there is no update showing for me when I access the Update section of the MAS. A friend of mine has a Mac also, and he was notified automatically of the update and it updated just fine. It seems to be working well for him, also. So before I start uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. in order to get the update, do I have something configured wrong? I'm stumped as to why no update is showing for me.    

  • hmm,
    thats maybe a good thing....

    there is a crash that has been introduced into v5.0.7 which affects some users. Ive just uploaded v5.0.8 to Apple which should be available hopefully tomorrow.