WifiSpoof: Changing MAC Address works but can not connect to Accesspoints (iMac 2010)

  • All,

    I am a very happy customer of the Sweetp Product "WifiSpoof" but encountered a strange error only happening on an iMac late 2010.

    My setup:

    • iMac late 2010
      Whenever I change the Mac address of my internal wifi adapter en1 accessing any (of my previous accessible by the same machine) Wifi hotspots are not reachable: The system tries and tries and fails with a exclamation point in the Wifi symbol on my iMac.

    I tried this on several MacBooks and there I can change it flawless without any issues.

    I can reach my hotspots only if I do not change the Softwa Wifi Mac Address!
    Tried a whole lot of things and searched all overt the Internet (being a skilled IT specialist).


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