Deleting browser cookies and "Person 2"

  • I wish to delete all the browser cookies from Firefox, Chrome and PERSON 2 (whoever that is)?  I don't even know who PERSON 2 might be (other than myself).  Can anyone tell me how to delete these browser cookies, including the Person 2 cookie data?  Thank you.

    I have enclosed an attachment to illustrate what I desire to delete.

  • First of all you should enable Firefox and Chrome, then uncheck all Favorites for both browsers. Then you can use use the Remove All Unwanted Data button on the "Preferences" tab to clear everything.

    Then you can disable Cookie's access again to each Browser.

  • Well, I got half way there.  I'm still not permitted to remove the browsers (I don't mind if they exist without cookies), but I do mind that there is a PERSON TWO that's still tagging my profile.  How do I delete this?

    Update picture attached.

  • you can manage your Chrome users from Chrome's Preferences.

  • So, the best I seem to be able to do is get Chrome to be completely disabled, but a "First User" still shows up?  I'm assuming that's me?  I have this showing on my MacBook.  This DOES NOT appear on my iMac (only shows the Chrome icon, disabled, with no cookies).  What am I still missing? :huh:

    I very much appreciate your help. 😄

  • yeah,
    Chrome now stores all its data in separate User storage - "First User" is the default name given to the default account. Im not sure why your iMac isn't showing Users? are you using an older version of Cookie or an older version of Chrome?
    Multiple user support was only added to Cookie in v3, and v16 of Chrome(i think).

  • Thank you, very much, for your help!!! 😄