• what do all the icons mean within the Cookie window?
    Is there a help file or user manual somewhere?

    I've looked and haven't found anything at all. It seems strange that will all the columns in the window along with icons, there isn't an explanation anywhere (at least that I can find).

    There is no help within the application and no user manual or help file installed with the program.

    Anywhere else I should be looking?


  • Hi Chris,

    I still need to make more video tutorials to put up on https://cookie5app.com, ill get onto that.
    If you click the small icons in the bottom right of Cookie's window (they are actually buttons) you get an indication of what they represent.

    • the Heart icon are favorites. these are the domains you want Cookie to keep.
    • the target (2 circles) icon means that the domain includes Tracking cookies. If you expand the domain, you will see exactly which cookies are the tracking cookies. They will be coloured RED. These will be removed even if the domain is marked as a favorited whenever according to your settings and removal schedules. (you can whitelist individual tracking cookies by right-clicking and selecting "Add to Whitelist" in the contextual menu which opens.
    • the star icon means that the domain includes Browser Extensions. by default Browser Extensions are not removed ever. This is to avoid unwanted effects with your Browser Extensions. You can change the behaviour by unchecking "Never remove Browser Extensions" on the "General" tab in Preferences, or by unchecking the option in the menu which pops up by clicking the star icon in Cookies main window.

  • How about some tool tips or context sensitive help? Then you wouldn't need to write a manual or make videos. Or, as we do in our applications - have a status line that updates with helpful hints or instructions when the cursor hovers over a button/icon.


  • I like the status bar idea!
    I'll look perhaps At implementing that when I get some spare time.