Paying twice for same program

  • I have used Safari Cookies for years and when it was not getting updated past 2.0 and wouldn't work on my system anymore, I decided to support the developer and purchase Cookie. (Albeit the MAS version, where I realize Apple takes a cut) And I've never regretted that purchase, until now.

    Now, while Cookie still functions, it appears to either be at or approaching EOL only a couple months after I purchased it. The main reason I bought it was because I assumed there would be continued updates for a long time to come.

    I find this slightly unethical to make users re-purchase the product just because of the relatively small portion of people that are unable to update to El Capitan.

    I realize $15 isn't a lot of money for some people, but to others, it's a significant chunk. Especially when you have to spend it again for the same product, when paid-updates weren't even in the scope during the original decision to purchase the software.

    There are a couple of better ways the v5 rollout could've been handled. But in light of where we're already at, I'd recommend putting some of those promo codes to use.

  • If you purchased after 1 Dec 2015, send me an email and ill give you a promo code for a free upgrade.

  • That'll work. 🙂 ❤

    I looked it up and I actually bought it on Dec. 8.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a great product and definitely worth the $15. Perhaps you should sticky something somewhere so people like me don't get salty over it. But I understand if you don't want to, and that's fine, as long as you're willing to deal with people (e.g. me) getting mad. 😉

  • I have a small note up on
    Shoot me an email here:
    [email protected]

    And I'll sort out an upgrade for you.

  • I also am unhappy about having to pay twice for the same program. I purchased cookie about 18 month ago so it looks like you are expecting me to pay again for the same program. When I purchased I was given no indication of the short life span on the product I was purchasing, had that been the case I would not have bothered. I will not be paying again because you might be asking me to pay again in another 18 months for Cookie 6.

  • I'm not planning on any more upgrade fees anytime soon.
    I have a biggish update planned that I have started work on, but I think it will be v5.5.

    It is a free upgrade to Cookie5 if you purchased after Dec1 2015, send me an email and if you purchased through my store I can find exactly when you purchased. If you purchased before this I have an upgrade coupon you can use if you like.

  • I purchased through the apple store before Dec the 1st 2015 (about 18 months ago)