• Hi all, I use Safari 9 and I clean my Cookies from Folder ~/Library/Cookies/. So far so good. However, when I look at Preferences > Privacy > Details, I found few more (zombie) cookies here. Knows anybody where are this Cookies saved on my System?

    Many thx & greetz,

  • are the extra cookies cache cookies?
    It will show in Safari's Preferences what kind of cookie they are (cookies/Cache/Local Storage)

    if they are cache cookies, you need to enable cache removal in Cookie's browser removal preferences.
    Cookie doesn't display cache cookies in its interface, but it can delete them - although Safari won't show them as being deleted until it is restarted.

  • Okay thx... it works fine. But where can I find this cached cookies?
    If I logout from my system account, this zombie cookies are removed 🙂

  • When you mention "cache cookies," does this include what Safari calls "local storage?" After selecting "Remove Unwanted Safari Data" in Cookie, when I then compare Cookie's window to Safari's Privacy>Web Data Show Details window, everything that Safari marked as "cache" has been removed, but anything marked as "local storage" has not been.

  • ah yes,
    Safari needs a restart before local storage cookies are correctly shown as being removed