• When I originally started using Cookie I thought it was great.  It blocked all the cookies except my favorites.  IN Version 5.0.5 I selected everything in "Select Unwanted Data for REMOVAL From Your Browser".  See attachment  Under removal options I set it to delete everything every 5 minutes and whenever I quit a browser.  When I quit my browser there are still tons of unwanted cookies, including tracking cookies, still showing in the Cookie window.  I go in and delete all of them individually.  Why isn't Cookie deleting these cookies when I quit the Safari?  Why am I getting cookies from non-favorite websites?  Why am I getting cookies for third parties that I do not visit?

    Why isn't it deleting every 5 minutes?

    It is nice to see the cookies so I can delete them but Cookies does not appear to be doing anything automatically.

  • the Timer removal options are independent to other removal options.
    if you open the Cookie main window,
    then click on the "Removal" tab
    then check your options under "Timer Options"

    are any timer options set?

  • Oddly enough the timer started to work after I made the original post. I did not see any update or download. It just started working. I could tell it was working because previously when I quit a browser it would not remove cookies, etc. that I marked for removal by the timer, and when I quit a browser. In the cookie window when I quit a browser it now deletes all the unwanted information from the internet activity for the fist time in a long time.

  • thats great!

    if the problem re-occurs please let me know.