Feature request about sub-domain favoriting

  • Hi there,

    one thing I'm wondering about sub-domain favoriting: with this option enabled, you can choose inividual cookies to keep while all others of the same domain are removed. But I had expected that once you check the box of the top level domain, all future cookies of this domain would also be treated as favorites. Right now, as soon as a new cookie of that domain is set, the tick mark will change to a dash and the new cookies aren't favorites. See attached screenshot.

    So, wouldn't it be more comfortable to change this the way described above?

  • this is a tricky situation to implement...
    how would Cookie distinguish between being a top-level domain fav and just having all current sub cookies being favs?

    I haven't looked at this too much, but should revisit it at some stage, as what you describe makes sense. Im just not exactly sure how to make it work, and still be clear about the behaviour.

  • Hi Russell,

    huh, wasn't aware that this is such a challange. As Cookie is able to distinguish that a certain cookie belongs to what I call "top level domain", I thought that would be a breeze. Something like "oh, there's a new cookie! → does the TLD have a check mark? → YES → then this is a favorite as well". ? Okay, but it isn't that easy, right?

    Anyway, your app is great – thanks!