OS X El Capitan: PowerPC not supported

  • I download the Cookie 5.0.5 update, and install it to my applications folder, but cant run it, my mac say:  "You can't open the application "cookie" because PowerPC applications are no longer supported."

    i already contact Russell by email, but not find solution yet.

    I already download the installer once again, DMG or ZIP, but non work.

    I search on internet, and found some people have same problem with other app, i try their fix and it works:

    1. Try this
      First you have to remove all cookie apps via finder, delete.
      Then open the dmg file, drag the icon into your desktop! NOT INTO APPLICATIONS
      (If you drag it into APPS it will show the old blocked icon again !?)
      When i dragged it to my desktop it was the new icon which works. Then i dragged it into the apps folder via finder again.

    if above solution doesn't work try:

    1. Move downloaded DMG to your home folder, then open it from there

    Hope this can help anyone who face same problem with me. I think this is the El Capitan bugs

    best regards