• Subject says it all.

  • quit Cookie
    move it to the trash
    you can also delete this folder for a complete uninstall:

  • Thanks for this Russell. I did a search with Find Any File and noted quite a few other bits and pieces that referenced Cookie 5 so why would they not be a significant part of an uninstall?

    The reason I was looking to uninstall is that ever since I started running Cookie 5 some cookies I mark as favourites randomly lose track. One particular set of cookies have to do with my banking login that saves my bank card number and the security connection between my bank login and my computer. I never had this issue when using any previous version of Cookie.

    I was most curious to reinstall version 4.5.4 and see if the same behaviour occurs. At least then it would be a safe assumption that my bank has changed something that is interfering with the saving of the bank's cookies. If version 4.5.4 continues to act as reliably as it did previously then it would seem Cookie 5 is acting in a different manner where it fails to reliably maintain the cookies I favourited for my bank.