Cookie 5, not deleting non-favourites on quit

  • Hi,
    I have Cookie version 5.0.
    And OS version 10.11.3

    And I have the box checked for "Remove: On Browser Quit"
    But the cookies are not getting removed.

    Best regards,

  • hi Ryan,

    this is a known bug. If you are using the trial version you can update to the latest beta via the Updates Preferences tab. Otherwise, v5.0.3 will be released this week which fixes this.

  • 5.0.3 is working correctly.
    Bug fixed!

  • Hi-

    I have a Mac running 10.11.4 Beta
    Cookie 5.03

    When quitting the Safari browser, the history/cookies etc. are erased. But after opening Safari for the 3rd time, all history/cookies reappear.

    Has anyone seen this before?


  • This sounds like an issue with iCloud Mike, with either your Mac, or an iDevice.