Cookie Crashed after giving folder access and won't open

  • Hi,

    Purchased this off the app store. Opened cookie, gave browsers access to cookie folders (auto chosen), then crashed. Now, cookie won't open at all. No bouncy icon - NOTHING. Doesn't show up in activity monitor either. Basically, nothing launches after that first crash.

    Pretty disappointing. Please let me know how I can fix this issue.


  • Hi Happygolucky,

    this was fixed in v5.0.1, but the Mac App Store is a little behind (because of review times). but v5.0.3 is waiting to be reviewed, and should be available this week. In the meantime, you could download the trial version from my site until the Mac App Store version gets updated.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. Everything is working now. Well done!

  • I've just released 5.0.3 on my site.
    make sure you're using that version by using the updates tab in Preferences. (5.0.2 is still a little flakey)