How to deal with piwik cookie used to ignore own website visits

  • Congrats to the v5 release. This is a question about how to use Cookie and Piwik. Piwik is open source tracking software for websites. Under it's Persona Settings at the very bottom there's an option to place a cookie so that Piwik ignores your own visits on the website it is running on. That is of course very useful.

    Problem: The website in question is marked as favorite in Piwik. If I then enable the option to ignore my own visits while in Piwik backend, a cookie with the name "piwik_ignore" is placed. I then close and re-start Firefox two times. When I then re-visit the piwik backend, it again tells me that my visits are not being ignored, despite the "piwik_ignore" cookie still existing.

    I understand you can not give support for third party software but since this seems to be closely related to Cookie's behavior I thought I'd ask. And maybe you also use Piwik or heard from other users with similar issues.

    Cookie 5.0.1

  • This persists with Cookie 5.0.2

  • ping on this. Russell do you have any idea how this use-case could be dealt with?